Unit Goals: Extreme Weather


Unit Learning Goal 1: Science

I will understand that scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions.


Unit Learning Goal 2: Science

I will understand that sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface.


Unit Learning Goal 3: Science

 I will understand and compare data with predictions and use evidence in developing explanations.


Unit Learning Goal 4: Reading and viewing

I will understand select, navigate and read texts for a range of purposes, applying appropriate text processing strategies and interpreting structural features, for example table of contents, glossary, chapters, headings and subheadings.


Unit Learning Goal 5: Writing

I will understand Plan, draft and publish, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience.


Personal Learning Goals: During this unit

I want to be better at how I read information because I believe that sometimes I think on the surface level and believe I can go deeper.

 I also want to be able to work better in a group and be able to listen to other peoples ideas because sometimes I feel like I don’t really listen to them and I am working on that.

University High Orientation Day Recount

Wow finally I was here. As I walked into the massive building with my sister and heading for the Sherman Hall my heart was racing so fast because I was excited to experience a day at my future high school.

After everyone had settled down, one of the vice principals, Ms Heather Thompson, came up and welcomed us. Then a year 7 student came up and talked to us about how year seven is like. Then they showed us a video of previous year sevens students they had interviewed earlier on. Finally the school principal, Sir Robert Newton came up and talked to us about the school rules and our rights and responsibilities.

After that we split up into our different classes and I was in 7B3. By this time I had already made friends with two girls in my class. Their names are Alex and Michelle. Our coordinator for the day was Mr Narrow and our helpers for the day were; Leyla, Chanuki, Daniella, Christian and Tommy.

What we first did was Human Bingo to try and get to know the people in our classes. Then after Human Bingo the helpers took us on a tour of the school and showed us different places like: Where the toilets were located, the canteen, the different levels E.g. 100s, 200s, and 300s etc. They also took us to the music area, the performance area and the Gym. By the time we got back to class it was recess.

By the end of Recess I was now friends with 5 girls from my class. Their names are; Mollie, Ingride, Jacinda, Michelle and Alex. When we got back to our class Mr Narrow gave use a Reading Comprehension test. What we had to do was read a text then answer questions about it. Then we had to write a witness statement about the text.

After that we played some more games about getting to know each other. The first game we played was the Human knot were we got into groups then had to put our hands in the middle and grab onto someone’s hands. Then we had to untangle ourselves so that we would be in a circle untangled. Then we played a game were we had to stand in a line and line up alphabetical order according to the first letter of your name without talking. We ended up getting to right on the first go.

Just as we were about to play wink Murderer, our coordinator Mr Narrow told us it was lunch time. For lunch the school provide it for us. They gave us sausage with icy pole and fruit.

University High. They also talked to use about the program and how it works and how they make sure you don’t always miss out on the same subject each week so the classes rotate.

After that we went back to our classes and finally played Wink Murderer. After playing 3 round s Daniella suggested we play Bang. Then Mr Narrow handed out our sport T- shirts and locks for our lockers next year to take home. And with that we were dismissed.

Valedictorian Speech 2014 Ore Aibinu

Moonee Ponds Primary School has been a great roller coaster for all of us. We have had lots and lots of great memories at this school over our years spent here. For example when I took my first step into this school, it was like coming into a place where people welcomed you and accepted you for who you are.


Then going to year 2 when we had our year 2 sleep over and my first ever concert at the school. The concert was great fun and I absolutely enjoyed it. Then in years 3 and 4 I had my first ever camps. The thought of staying away from my family for a couple of days in a different environment was quite scary, but at the end, I enjoyed the experience and I wished we stayed for 2 weeks or even more.


Then I got to 5/6 the two years I achieved the most. For example, I am not a fan of speaking in front of a group of people, as I  normally get stage fright. But last year when we started Class Masters, I had to do a debate and a Prepared speech in front of the whole class. Also, there was an opportunity for me to make an announcement on behalf of the Green Team at the Whole School Assembly.  With these practical experiences,  I became a much more confident and brave speaker.


Another thing I enjoyed was our year 5 camp. We did lots of great activities like kite making, fishing and many more. My favourite was fishing because it was my first time of doing it and it was a great experience. Even thought I didn’t catch a fish I still enjoyed it.


Moonee Ponds Primary School has been a great experience for me. I will never ever forget the memories that have been made. There were different activities that I participated in and enjoyed during my time at this school. These activities are life transforming and have built my strength. The  one that stood out for me the most was the Met Challenge. I enjoyed this because I learnt a lot of things about public transport, attractions and historical structures in the City of Moonee Valley and Moreland.


We have all achieved great things during our time at this school. I will miss everyone here including the teachers who have done a wonderful job in teaching us what we need to know and giving us a good education. Like Oprah Winfrey once said  Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”  It has been a great 5 years with all of you and I wish we could all start prep all over again but I know we all have to move on.


I will miss you all.  I wish you the very best in High School and beyond.

Thank you.

Changing States: Compounds


Elements can join together in chemical reactions to form compounds. E.g. Hydrogen and oxygen are elements and the react together to form water. There are many ways to join elements together. When we join iron and sulphur it becomes iron sulphide. You can vary the amount of each substance in a mixture.You cannot vary the amount of each elements in a compound. Each substance is easily separated from the mixture.


  1. Why are the properties of a compound very different from the


Tying Beginnings to Endings

All the year 6 students at our school have been working on sentence starters. We looked at different ways to start a story here are the five different ways. Intense Action, Intriguing Question, Feeling, Sensory Description and Sounds Effects/Onomatopoeia. I choose Intriguing Question and this is my story.

Have you had one of those days when you think you are on top of everything? I have – it was the day I thought I had everything under control and organised for a music competition. This is how it started; my friend Elle and I were in my bedroom singing to Pink Shadows latest song called Rock and Shine.

Elle was singing passionately into a hair brush while I was trying out a new move. After the song, Elle and I collapsed onto the beanbags in my room when mum called lunch was ready. Then after lunch Elle’s dad came to pick her up.

On Monday morning when I walked into school my other friends Isi and Hannah, came to me We talked about what we did on the weekend. 5 minutes later Elle came skipping along looking really excited. We asked her why she was so excited and she said that she saw a sign up sheet for the talent show our school was holding and she thought that we could sign up as a band.

We all thought it was a brilliant idea, but there was one problem we had to pick the lead singer.


Term 2 Reflection

In term 2 our topic for science was chemical change. We explored this by having sessions with some scientists from GTAC and for one of our lessons we actually went to the GTAC center. We had 5 lessons with GTAC. Our first lesson was on “exploring solids and liquids”. What we did was to explore how the particles of a solid and liquid move and work. Another thing we explored was to explain why solids and liquids behave differently. Our second session was on “exploring gases”. We investigated the properties of gases. We did an experiment. What we did was to drop a ping pong ball into a beaker with water in it then put a cup over the ball and push it all the way down. Our third lesson was when we went to the GTAC center. Our topic was called“changing states. We learnt how changing the temperature of a substance can effect the state of matter. Our second to last session was on“mixing substances”. We learnt about what will happen to different substances when they mix. Our last lesson was on“chemical change”. We identified the signs irreversible change. We also learnt about what a reversible and a irreversible change is.

  • The first thing I found interesting, was when we were doing the experiment  withe the ping pong ball. When we pressed the cup down I expected the water to fill it up but instead only a some amount of water was inside and the rest was air.
  • The second thing I found interesting was, how the temperature could change the substance. For example, when you freeze water up it turns into a solid which is ice and when you live it out for a long time, it will eventually turn back into a liquid which is water. there are many other examples like chocolate, icy poles and many more.
  • The last thing I found interesting was, when you put icy cold water into a cup, it attracts the heat and the heat joins with the water to make water drops.
  1. The first understanding I now have is that I know more about the 3 states of mater including plasma the 4th state. Plasma is found in light bulbs but mostly found in space.
  2. I now understand that a solid can not be compressed and liquid and gases can.
  • One wondering I still have is can the volume o

BTN: Punishing Kids

The national children’s commissioner says that putting children in a naughty corner isn’t good because she thinks it may go against their rights and she also thinks there are other safer ways to discipline children. But the national educational adviser says he would support the return of corporal punishment in some schools because he thinks that will help discipline the children. In the olden days, if you did something wrong you would get punished. The way you would get punished is by something called corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is a way of telling kids of by hitting them, usually on the bottom hands or legs or sometimes on their knuckles.

Procedural Text- How to make a chatter box

Materials: Paper and scissors


Step 1: Get a piece of A4 paper and fold it diagonally to one side like this:paper

Step 2: Using the scissors cut the bottom part of.

Step 3: Unfold the flap and fold the other side and then unfold it like this:

paper 2

Step 4: Now in front of you, you should see four triangles. What you now need to do is fold all 4 triangle flaps one by one.

Step 5: Now you should have a square in front of you if you turn it around. What you need to do when you turn it around is to fold the flap again but this time do it the other way.










Battle for Australia Commemoration Day

On Wednesday the 3rd of September 2014 all the 5/6 students from MPPS went to the Shrine of Remembrance by bus. Many other schools came to give tribute to the people that fought the battle of Australia.

When we got there, the people in charge of ushering, ushered us to our seats. after sitting down they gave each one of us a program of the day.

The service began by the MC, Mr. Paul Sheahan AM introducing the Commemoration Day, the special guests and some of the schools.

Next we had the The RAN Band play. They marched in with while playing music. Some were playing music while the others marched.

After the band had stopped, The MC then introduced the Royal Australian Air Force plane.